When we sit down with our partner designers to discuss the development of new concepts and products, almost always the aim is to bring to life products which will be equally well suited for residential and public environments. Office spaces, hotels, restaurants, museums, retail stores and any other interior design projects can be made more unique and eclectic, warmer and more tactile when fully furnished with Zanat products or only accented with a few of them. Timeless aesthetics, extraordinary craftsmanship and built-to-last products are always a good investment. Zanat’s collection is handcrafted in our own factory and products are usually customizable to a degree, in particular when it comes to the choice of wood, other materials and finishes, but often we can do project-specific carving patterns, etc. In addition to our standard line of designer furniture and accessories, we work with architects and investors on one-of-a-time bespoke products to meet specific client needs. We have a team of architects and engineers who work on these projects alongside our clients or partner interior design firms.

Ett Hem Hotel

Stockholm Sweden

Hotel V

Amsterdam Netherlands

SEB Bank

Solna, Sweden

Private client

Saudi Arabia

Nordic Museum

Stockholm Sweden

Andaz Hotel

London UK

Paraden Housing

Stockholm Sweden

Zanat Showroom

Konjic Bosnia and Herzegovina