Gert and Karin Wingårdh summerhouse

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017

interior design

William Gustavsson

Situated on the Swedish west coast, near Gothenburg, Sweden’s best known architect Gert Wingårdh and his wife Karin have transformed a 17th-century cottage into a sleek and stylish weekend retreat. Apart from the old wood burning stove in the kitchen and the library, they redesigned almost all original structures, aiming to open up the spaces and let in as much light as possible.

Wingårdhs is the name of the architecture firm led by Gert Wingårdh with three offices in Sweden and nearly 200 employees. The office is one of the largest architectural firms in Sweden today and the winner of numerous prestigious architecture and design awards. The office works on all types of projects and scales, from product development (e.g. furnishings for heritage wood manufacturer Gemla) and interior design (e.g. the praised hotel Blique by Nobis on Gävlegatan in Stockholm) to large structures (e.g. Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm), Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, and sustainable urban development (e.g. Embassy of Sharing in Malmö). Wingårdhs has been collaborating with Zanat from the time we decided to build the brand and have designed several successful Zanat products. Gert and Karin chose several Zanat products with a customized color for (Tattoo stools, Café Tattoo Chairs and Branchmark O Table) their summer home Äggdal.

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