Hotel V Fizeaustraat

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016

interior design
Hotel V Interior Design Team

Joram Blomkwist

Hotel V Fizeaustraat stands in a beautifully renovated building from the 70s, designed by renowned Dutch architect Piet Zanstra (1905-2003), who was responsible for a number of important buildings in Amsterdam. To keep it as authentic as possible, the architects used it’s 1970’s construction date as heavy inspiration for their design process. The 1970s vibe continues in the hotel’s interior, with parquet floors and a green and brown colour palette that’s repeated across the hotel’s lobby and each of its 91 rooms.
The Hotel’s restaurant’s elegance is, among other design features, owed to Unna Chairs, designed by Monica Förster for Zanat. The fact that Hotel V ordered more Unna chairs for another project four years after the original order of 120 chairs was made speaks to workmanship quality and timeless appeal of the Unna chair.

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