Tako Restaurant

Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

interior design
Tengbom Architects

Felix Gerlach

Tako Restaurant was designed by Tengbom Architects, one of the world’s most innovative architecture firms, and also one of the oldest in existence.

Tako is located in Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza, down the stairs in the basement that for many years served as a popular nightclub. The restaurant weaves together Scandinavian, Japanese and Korean influences under the enigmatic name TAKO that translates to dragon or octopus. Tako offers a luxurious experience in an elegant and inviting environment. Offering seating for 180 guests and comfortable space for up to 300, TAKO features a sushi bar, an open barbecue station and a large drink bar.

The restaurant features 80 award-winning Unna chairs designed by Monica Förster for Zanat.

Tako restaurant was the finalist for the prestigious global INSIDE World Festival of Interior award and was shortlisted for the 2018 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

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