Wallpaper, April 2019

“The recent trend for sleek, shiny, hard surfaces appears to be waning, replaced by the warmth and texture of a unique, handmade finish. materiality is coming through in the form of tactile surfaces, giving humanistic edges to otherwise inanimate objects. as craft continues to be a marker of quality in all aspects of the design industry, designers are reaching for their tools – in this case, a hammer and chisel – and are hallmarking works with chipped textures to create one-of-a-kind objects. hammered bronze does the trick in the work of british sculptor Owen bullett, while for ceramic, in the case of dutch designer Jonas lutz, and wood, in the case of Swedish designer monica förster and london-based Studio anansi, the chiselling technique is a perfected way of creating imperfections.”

(Wallpaper, April 2019)

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