Kiam console with drawers

Kiam console table with drawers is a part of the Kiam cabinets collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. The Kiam pieces owe their special character to three unique design elements: the architectural support structures underneath the created by interlocking the leg endings with horizontal support beams, the beauty of proportions characteristic of Massaud’s designs and the […]

Veo Screen/Paravan

Designed by Sebastian Herkner, Veo screen is an architectural object made of round, organically shaped pieces of solid wood. In its essence, this is a piece of decorative art, a sculpture that due to its vertical “two-dimensional” shape can also be understood as a painting. Veo screen took its name from the Bosnian word for […]

Sava Chair

Designed by Patrick Norguet, Sava chair is a delightful small wooden chair of perfect proportions and minimalist elegance. The chair features an innovative, crescent shaped backrest, which continues towards the front of the chair and is transformed into an armrest in a gracious twist from vertical to horizontal orientation. Sava chair is available in maple, […]

Nest Coat Hanger

Nest coat hanger is a wonderful edition to the collection of turned sculptural objects Monica Förster designed for Zanat. The name aptly describes both the visual appearance and the function of this piece, which reminds of a mystical tree with branches on top and a bowl underneath. The bowl is not only an aesthetic statement, […]

Touch Bowls and Food Platters

Touch bowls and food platters are the result of our continued dialogue with Ilse Crawford, Oscar Peña and their associates at Studioilse about tactility as an essential human need and how it‘s continued loss through rapid digitalization of our world can be compensated through design of physical objects for interiors. The aim here was to […]

Kioko Trays

Kioko trays communicate sophistication through minimalist design and fine craftsmanship. The inside of one tray model is hand-carved with a checkered pattern so that this serving tray can also work as a convenient chess board for a spontaneous chess game on the sofa or a terrace. Simpler, but equally attractive, the other version of the […]

Nera Bowls

Nera bowls were originally designed to be auctioned at a charity event aimed at protecting endemic trout in Zanat’s hometown. The product attracted incredible attention from design media, customers and some leading furniture design brands which have used it as a styling element for their catalogues and fair exhibitions. The perfect proportions, materiality, lightness and […]

Tattoo Stool

Tattoo stool is a neat, light, stable and stackable stool with beautiful and playful carvings, available in a three- or four-legged version. The holes on top add to the stool’s character and allow one to easily grip and carry them. The stools can be tattooed from head to toe or in a very discreet way. […]

Koba Table

Koba is essentially a sculpture made into a timeless table. At first sight, it may be a deceptively simple piece of furniture with beautiful proportions characteristic of Massaud’s design language. However, a closer look reveals intricate details that make this table as much of a functional object as a showcase of extraordinary craftsmanship and first-rate […]

Ombra Table

Ombra Table is a unique piece of furniture constructed by joining together tiny “Penrose Prototiles” in solid walnut. These specific prototiles are named after Sir. Roger Penrose, a famous British mathematician who first investigated them in 1970s. The prototiles have remarkable geometric and visual properties. For one, they are aperiodic, meaning that a shifted copy […]

Neron table

Neron dining table impresses with its strong, but unpretentious character. The light tabletop rests on a robust, but elegant structure. The table looks beautiful and sculptural from any angle, even from underneath. Skillfully executed by Zanat’s master craftsmen, carving patterns on the table legs represent the essence of the table’s character. It comes in three […]

Mati Table

Mati table, designed by Sebastian Herkner, is a statement of grace and simplicity. Much of the table’s character stems from cleverly considered joints between the legs, frame and the tabletop, which create beautiful details underneath the tabletop while giving an appearance of levitating tabletop lightness. Furthermore, the rounded edges on the tabletop render it inviting […]

Branchmark (O) Table

Branchmark (O) is the round version of Branchmark (4). Without a frame and with chamfered edges it has a light, but distinct appearance. The smaller versions (100cm and 120cm diameter) come with three conus-shaped legs with branches while the large one (150cm diameter) rests on four legs with branches. Unlike many frameless tables, Branchmarks are […]

Unna Table

Unna Table’s lightness and elegance is arguably unseen in an extension table, in particular a table made entirely in solid wood. It comes in fixed and extendable versions. What distinguishes the extendible version of the table in addition to its overall sleek design are lace-like hand-carved tabletop extension leafs, inserted in the middle of the […]

Branchmark (3) Table

The idea behind Branchmark is to celebrate the joy of vertical forces by the remarkably stable wonder on three legs. One of the three legs is branching for added sturdiness and character. Leg endings, one of them hand-carved, create playful marks on the top’s surface. The craft is celebrated through the hand-carved narwhal tusk inspired […]

Branchmark (4) Table

Branchmark (4) is a rectangular table that comes in four different standard sizes. The table has four conus-shaped legs, which give birth to two thinner branches close to the tabletop, which creates not only a beautiful design detail, especially since both the main branches and the unicorn leg penetrate the tabletop to leave playful markings […]

Branchmark (8) Table

In Branchmark (8) the dance of legs is created to celebrate the joy of vertical forces which become trully impressive when two branchmarks are placed together creating a forest of dancers. Leg endings, one of them hand-carved, create artisanal expression on the tabletop. The craft is celebrated through the hand-carved narwhal tusk inspired leg. Branchmark […]

Wave Table

The design for this extraordinary table with twisted hand-carved edges is often seen as the designer version of “live-edge,” a table that reveals the natural uneven ending of a slab of timber. The inspiration, however, came as the designer watched the flow of swollen Neretva River in Zanat’s hometown of Konjic after an autumn torrent. […]

Touch Table

Touch Table designed by Studioilse is part of the Touch Collection. The special quality of this product lies in the hand-carved surface that engage our instinctive impulse to feel something and reflect our hunger for more tactile surroundings in the digital age. The carvings on the tabletop make it uniquely tactile. They take three man-days […]

Koba Coffee & Side Table (round)

This set of sculptural side tables features a hand-carved base in solid wood and a seamlessly integrated tabletop in mouth-blown glass by Poshinger, a 450-year-old glass blowing family business from Germany. Poshinger, like Zanat, uses a production technique inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The hand-carved top in wood reveals a rounded rectangular opening […]

Koba Cofee Table (square)

Koba coffee table (square) combines sleekness of glass with warmth and tactility of solid wood into a refined sculptural object. Koba features a central cubical table base, made in solid wood. The base penetrates through a smoked glass tabletop, framed around the edges, to create the elevated central part of the top. A special highlight […]

Piano Table

When the first drawings of Piano tables were shown to us, the reaction was a WOW! The tables feature a light and unimposing base made from hand-welded steel rods with a black powder coat finish. What makes Piano tables stand out are the elegant and joyful cogwheel carving patterns around the table edges. Seen from […]

Piano Folding Table

Piano folding tables represent a magnificent combination of lightness and functionality on one hand with refined craftsmanship and quality. These beautiful, easy to fold and stow away tables are a perfect facilitator for special feel-at-home rituals. The folding tables supplement the collection of Piano coffee and side tables, added to Zanat’s collection in 2019. A […]

Nera Table

Nera Coffee & Side Tables are a part of Zanat’s extraordinarily popular Nera collection that also includes stools and bowls. The tables consist of a top in stained glass and a sculptural hand-carved base made in solid European hardwoods. The choice of different carving patterns, woods and finishes enables one to customize the product. The […]

Touch Coffee table

Touch coffee tables are a great example of why Ilse Crawford is called a master of understatement. They are simple and unimposing with ample hand-crafted details to marvel, like the carvings on the tabletop which make it uniquely tactile and the masterfully executed leg joints. Notably, since the craftsmen carve the pieces at random, without […]

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