Zanat at Supersalone 2021

For us at Zanat Supersalone is a long-awaited opportunity to show to the world some of our recent achievements. Notwithstanding the pandemic, we have been especially active developing new products, strengthening our production capabilities, developing several different presentation and communication tools. In Milan, we’ll launch new products, which are the result of new design collaborations with two outstanding designers.

One of the two collaborations is with the great Michele De Lucchi with whom we in Zanat share interests in wood and craftsmanship. Second collaboration is with Patrick Norguet, one of the leading French designers.
DOM plates are made as a limited edition and will come in 50, 70, and 100cm diameter, made in precious Bosnian hardwoods like walnut and maple. With Dom, Michelle De Lucchi has once again revealed to us both his genius and the inseparable connection between art and craft, the past and the future.

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