ZANAT showcasing an artistic mosaic at Homo Faber 2022 Exhibition in Venice, April 10 – May 1

Between April 10 and May 1 Venice is hosting one of the world’s greatest exhibitions of exceptional artisanal and design talents. At Zanat, we are gratified to be a part of this event organized by the Michelangelo Foundation to celebrate finest European craftsmanship, staged at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, Italy, every two years.

Zanat was invited to take part at Homo Faber by Sebastian Herkner, one of the world’s most prominent young designers and one of Homo Faber 2022 outstanding curators/designers. Zanat has had the pleasure to collaborate with Sebastian Herkenr since 2019 and his invitation to take part in the Patterns of Craft exhibition, which he is curating, was eagerly accepted. Sebastian has selected a group of artisans from all over Europe to present work inspired by the lace-lake octagonal pattern of the tiled terrace in front of the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore. Each artisan has used different techniques and materials – whether marble, glass, metal, textiles, tin or wood – to bring to life their individual interpretation of the pattern.

A team of 10 talented Zanat artisans (woodcarvers and craftsman) worked under the direction of the architect, Emir Salkic, to produce an artistic hand-carved mosaic, sculpted in precisely cut wooden blocks in maple and walnut. Like other works curated by Sebastian Herkner, the mosaic crafted by Zanat was inspired by the pattern of the Basilica San Giorgio Maggiore terrace. It took close to two hundred hours of work to craft the piece, on top of the time spent on design. The result is an exquisite ornament reminiscent of renaissance artistry and artisanship.

The Patterns of Crafts exhibition, including the Zanat piece, will be found in the Barbantini Hall within the Fondazione Giorgio Cini palace on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. The visitors will not only be able to see and admire this finely crafted mosaic but will also be able to learn about the making process and materials.


Notably, the art piece crafted by Zanat will be offered for sale (ie auctioned) and we have decided to donate the entire proceeds of the sale to aid Ukrainian refugees.

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