Unforgettable Exhibition at Stockholms Auktionsverk During Stockholm Design Week

When Stockholms Auktionsverk, the world’s oldest auction house and a part of Lauritz auction houses offered us their magnificent building (through Monica Förster) to hold an exhibition, we knew this was an extraordinary opportunity.  However, expectations were high and the preparations, within a very tight time constraint were stressful.  Fortunately, everything worked out very well.  Our press meetings were attended by as many as 96 Swedish and international journalists, excellent press coverage followed, and the inaugural reception hosted by the Stockholms Aukunstverk was attended by close to 500 esteemed guests. The event was considered one of the best events of the Stockholm Design Week.  We in Zanat are immensely grateful to Emir Salkic and Monica Förster Design Studio for exhibition design, Almin Zrno for fantastic photos he produced for the exhibition, and of course the designers of the Bosca and Manulution furniture lines.  Finally, the exhibition made it clear how much we owe to our grandfather Adem Niksic, whose 1932 photo on the wall, heirloom furniture pieces (produced between the two world wars) and the actual tools he used to make them added a special character to the whole exhibition.  

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