Salih Teskeredžić

“Design in post-war Bosnia can be seen as a reaction to our socio-economic context. The bravery in creating our own design scene reminds of post-World War II period in Europe, when equal enthusiasm and energy arose.”

Salih Teskeredžić is probably the most influential and most prolific product designer in Bosnia. Born in 1962, Salih is a tenured professor of product design at the Sarajevo Arts Academy. He founded and managed an independent architecture and design studio in Vienna (2000-2004) and in 2007 he launched a Sarajevo based architecture and design studio AD ARTE. Salih is known for pushing the technological limits of modern furniture design in wood (his favorite material), for emotionally expressive and irresistibly elegant pieces of furniture. His earlier work earned him of numerous design awards in the former Yugoslavia, his products were exhibited internationally and he has held three solo gallery exhibitions in Sarajevo and Vienna. In recent years, Salih has been awarded with Red Dot awards for four of his products and a dozen Interior Innovation Awards granted by the German Design Council. Salih is one of the founders and the art director of Gazzda, an innovative Bosnian design brand.

Salih was the second designer with whom we started to collaborate before the Zanat era. The collaboration with Salih resulted in a number of innovative pieces, which challenged our production capabilities and gave us confidence to enter the international design scene. Salih’s pieces caught the attention of design magazines such as the Monocle, as well as the New York Times.


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