Jasna Mujkić

“Zanat for me represents the joy of work both in process, and result. Here it is a part of business culture to support the creative process and to respect a designer’s vision. With the beauty of wood and the poetical skill of woodcarvers, Zanat is a precious environment for designers.”

Born in 1972, Jasna Mujkić is an associate professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. In addition to her teaching career, Jasna is an active product designer, with a special interest in furniture design. She is the author of an official arts textbook used in Bosnian public schools. Her designes have been exhibited in a number of international design exhibtions. Jasna was the first designer who collaborated with Zanat (then Rukotvorine) on the modernization of its hand-carved motifs and their application to products of modern design (e.g. Quiet chair and stool). Jasna’s Ombra coffee table (designed for Zanat) is the winner of the Interior Innovation Award – IMM 2012.

Jasna Mujkić is the first professional designer who has created a modern design piece for our company, five years before Zanat was officially launched. The objects Jasna designed for Zanat, like the Ombra tables, are still admired by some of the elite designers we are collaborating with. Jasna opened our eyes to an endless world of design creations based on the woodcarving technique we have practiced without much innovation in design for almost a century. We have continued this collaboration on different kind of creative projects until the present day.


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