Unna Table

Unna Table’s lightness and elegance is arguably unseen in an extension table, in particular a table made entirely in solid wood. It comes in fixed and extendable versions. What distinguishes the extendible version of the table in addition to its overall sleek design are lace-like hand-carved tabletop extension leafs, inserted in the middle of the table. The hand-carved leaves catch light beautifully and are irresistibly tactile. The leaves can match the color of the table frame or come in a contrasting color (applies to black and white maple versions). The table can be extended by 50 cm with one and 100 cm with two extension leafs, both conveniently stored underneath the tabletop. The handmade extension mechanism made in steel and wood is custom-designed, very simple to use and built to last.

Designed by

“I sometimes say that I am not interested in form, but that may not be entirely true. What I mean is simply that the idea behind each project is more important. When the idea is set I focus on shape, colour and detail.”


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