Unna Lounge Chair

With soft, elegant lines, Unna Lounge Chair was designed to impart a feeling of softness and comfort to a lounge chair made entirely in solid wood, a warm but hard material. Unna’s complex sculptural shape is also a testimony to the extraordinary skill of Zanat’s craftsmen and engineers. The modernized hand-carved patterns–made by applying Zanat’s century old and UNESCO world heritage inscribed hand-carving technique–add a special touch to the backrest of the chair, and a way to individualize it. To provide additional comfort, Unna can be ordered with a removable leather cushion on the seat or fixed cushions on the backrest and the seat.

Designed by

“I sometimes say that I am not interested in form, but that may not be entirely true. What I mean is simply that the idea behind each project is more important. When the idea is set I focus on shape, colour and detail.”


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