Unity Side Table / Stool

Unity side table/stool portrays inseparable links that connect humanity as a whole, a notion made clear to us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Unity was designed in the context of Zanat’s 2020 Lockdown Dialogues project. The designer and artist, Monica Förster, has masterfully managed to translate her abstract humanistic idea into a functional object of artistic beauty. This object is equally suited for use as a side table and a stool. Assembled from four separately sculpted solid wood segments with elegant hand-carved details, Unity stool/side table is available in Zanat’s signature black-stained maple and oiled walnut finishes. The product’s timeless elegance and the quality of craftsmanship should guarantee its exceptional longevity and sustainability.

Designed by

“I sometimes say that I am not interested in form, but that may not be entirely true. What I mean is simply that the idea behind each project is more important. When the idea is set I focus on shape, colour and detail.”


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