Touch Table

Touch Table designed by Studioilse is part of the Touch Collection. The special quality of this product lies in the hand-carved surface that engage our instinctive impulse to feel something and reflect our hunger for more tactile surroundings in the digital age. The carvings on the tabletop make it uniquely tactile. They take three man-days to execute and – since the craftsmen carve the pieces at random, without drawings – each piece is unique as no two carved surfaces will ever look the same. The table is deliberately designed narrower to create a cozy and intimate dining atmosphere. Despite what might be perceived, the table surface is easily cleaned with a sea sponge included with each table delivery or other soft cleaning cloth and carvings do not lessen stability even for small glasses. A new bigger and more elegant version of the Touch table was launched at Salone del Mobile 2019, to celebrate tactility as an essential human need. The legs in cast bronze will enhance both the elegance and tactility of this exquisite piece.

Designed by

“Design is a tool to enhance our humanity.”


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