Sana Chair

Sana is a feminine, elegant, and extraordinarily light dining chair made entirely in solid wood. The most special feature of the chair is its sculpted and multidimensionally curved backrest that instills a warm hug effect and provides excellent seating comfort. The outer side of the chair’s backrest is entirely hand-carved, creating an exquisite texture that emphasize the rounded backrest giving Sana the character of a modern handcrafted object. Sana is a stackable chair suitable both for residential and commercial use. It comes in different color combinations of the frame, backrest, and seat. For better comfort, an optional magnetically attached cushion in leather can be added. Sana chair has won the Iconic Award 2019-Innovative Interior, awarded by the German Design Council.

Designed by

“I sometimes say that I am not interested in form, but that may not be entirely true. What I mean is simply that the idea behind each project is more important. When the idea is set I focus on shape, colour and detail.”


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