Morpho Bench

Morpho is a study in morphology of a tree trunk as it is processed by craftsman into a refined functional sculpture.  The bench’s aesthetic is defined by two robust feet, which look like they they’ve been sculpted by splitting a log.  The carving texture on the inner flat side of the feet is reminiscent of the texture of wood fibers one observes in a split wooden log.

The sitting surface of the bench is made of split wooden plank with a curious V-shape cut at each end. The bench is 230cm long and will add unpretentious and warm elegance to a multitude of interior settings. The whole development process for this product was carried out remotely, relying on video conferences and excellent, which worked very well thanks to excellent engineering and product development skills on both sides.

Designed by

“My job is to find the equation that gives an object an anchor in a culture, an anchor in time. I think good design is honest, discreet, and above all, durable. Hence the notion of timelessness.”


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