Koba Cofee Table (square)

Koba coffee table (square) combines sleekness of glass with warmth and tactility of solid wood into a refined sculptural object. Koba features a central cubical table base, made in solid wood. The base penetrates through a smoked glass tabletop, framed around the edges, to create the elevated central part of the top. A special highlight are the intricate carvings on top of this central part, which create a texture reminiscent of burnt wood. The base of the table can also be used as a two-level storage compartment. The upper compartment is accessed by simply lifting the hand-carved top, while the lower compartment is a “secret” space, which is easily accessible with instructions provided by Zanat.

Designed by

“For me design is about seeing the context, discovering the stakes, be they cultural, ecological, economic…, and finding a simple solution that makes a creative synthesis of the stakes.”


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