Kioko Jewellery Box

The objects we treasure, regardless of their size, should represent genuine quality of design, materials and craftsmanship, the kind of quality where every little detail matters and has been through and executed by extraordinarily skilled and meticulous craftsman. On the outside, the appeal of Kioko boxes is found in their proportions and the imprint of fine craftsmanship, including an exquisite hand-carved texture, perfect joints and a seamless fit between the box’s cover and base. As it should be with a proper treasure box, Kioko boxes are equally exquisite on the inside. Different designs of interior fittings determine the purpose of a box and the initial set of fittings is limited to the following: two suede leather padded jewelry trays for a jewelry box, playing cards and dice tray for a game box, stationary compartments for a large writing box. The small and tall box is a perfect hiding place for treasured writing pens and pencils.

Designed by

“For me design is about seeing the context, discovering the stakes, be they cultural, ecological, economic…, and finding a simple solution that makes a creative synthesis of the stakes.”


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