Igman Lounge Chair & Ottoman

With the design of Igman Lounge Chair, Harri Koskinen, successfully bridged Bosnian and Finish craftsmanship traditions. The chair has a strong, but unpretentious character. The softly rounded structure in solid wood creates a feeling of warmth, while the understated carvings underneath the armrests create a subtle tactile feeling. Igman chair is upholstered in vegetable tanned thick saddle leather, but it is also available in a choice of fabrics.

Igman Ottoman was designed to follow the typology of the Igman Lounge Chair and it complements the chair both visually and in terms of providing the additional comfort that enables one to easily doze off in a beautiful nook that these two create. The ottoman can also be used for sitting, while two or more ottomans can be combined into a bench.

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“Modernism is about how we understand humanity and relate to nature.”


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