Monocle, April 2011

In its April 2011 edition, the prestigious Monocle Magazine features a 3-page article on Rukotvorine titled “LIFE CRAFT Bosnia.”. Hugo McDonald the Design Editor of Monocle was impressed by Rukotvorine’s products at the IMM Cologne and decided to visit us in Konjic, Bosnia.

The article speaks very highly of our approach to design, product quality, and craftsmanship. “In a world overladen with “new” designs that look so familiar, it’s striking to see something that doesn’t look like anything else,” says the Monocle Editor. Monocle is confident about Rukotvorine’s approach to design and its bright future. “Here in Bosnia there’s a humble approach to establishing brand and identify for the country” One with roots and integrity, one that respects the past and one that is proving to have a future.” (Monocle Magazine, April 2011 edition, pp. 141-143). Visit or buy a print copy of the magazine to find out more.

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