Monica Förster for Zanat

The article on collaboration between Zanat and Monica Förster published on February 27, 2015 in the online version of Domus magazine appeared among the most popular articles of the month on Domus online.   The article describes the Unna chair as follows: “Unna is a dining chair with soft, minimalistic, yet humanistic expression. The lightweight structure represents the highest end of wood craftsmanship and its elegant joints support a sturdy seat and backrest. The chair can be customized by applying Zanat’s carving techniques.  Finding inspiration in nature, Monica Förster have modernized the carvings, preserving, however, the genuine technique. The finish can be either natural or stained wood creating a contemporary expression and an additional way to personalize the chair. To enhance the comfort, a molded cushion in leather can be added. Please use the following link to access the full article:

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