Interior Innovation Award 2011, January 2011

This table in solid wood, designed for a traditional crafts workshop, of the company Rukotvorine (engl. Handcrafts), exploits the transformation potential of a tradition and craftsmenship in producing authentic Bosnian hand-carved furniture into products of modern design. Above all, this is an attempt in re-birth of handcrafts and an awakening of interest in modern, hand-made products. Precisely those atributes give independence and character to this product.

Globalization and an almost homogenized world object the question of the human hand potential in processing of a daily life product with specific identity. The inspiration for this product was found in nature and turned into an abstract form through design, with a comeback of „arts & craft“. Message: The tradition of handcrafts and modern design coexisting in a healthy dialogue. Objective: Longevity by design, materialization and processing.

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