Kula Drawer Chest

Kula, designed by Michele De Lucchi, is a collection of wooden drawer chests based on a design idea of creating building blocks with woodcarving. The designer/architect, Michele De Lucchi, has found a brilliant way to create a world of architectural objects by creating magnificent patterns with simple hand-carved grooves which flawlessly envelop the chests to create unique three-dimensional sculptural edifices. The interplay of perpendicularly positioned groove blocks creates a beautiful pattern, while the hand-carved grooves give the chests the warmth and tactility of hand-made objects.

The name Kula in Bosnian means tower, fortification, building, home. The powerful idea of building blocks enables the creation of an architectural world built with Kula’s off different sizes and proportions. The tall Kula consists of two drawer chests and a small cabinet mounted on top of each other. The chests and the cabinet can also serve as independent units. Other sizes will be added to the Kula family at a later stage.

Designed by

“For me, as an architect and designer, the real topic of the time is to investigate—and to better understand in a theoretical way—the difference between temporality and eternity, what has to be temporary and what has to be permanent.”


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