Koba Table

Koba is essentially a sculpture made into a timeless table. At first sight, it may be a deceptively simple piece of furniture with beautiful proportions characteristic of Massaud’s design language. However, a closer look reveals intricate details that make this table as much of a functional object as a showcase of extraordinary craftsmanship and first-rate natural materials. The table’s cone-shaped base is sculpted ins solid maple which ends with a soft, rounded bottom. The outer part of the tabletop is made in 4 cm thick Zimbabwe granite stone with a burnt, textured finish. Integrated in the stone is the table’s central part, made in solid wood. This hand-carved part is not only a visual highlight, but it is a rotating plate element made to facilitate the sharing of food around the table. The wood part is easily removable to allow cleaning underneath as needed. The textured finish on the stone and hand-carved rotating plate work remarkably well together, adding a touch of warmth and tactility to the piece. The table is available in 140 cm (sits 6) and 160 cm diameter (sits 8).

Designed by

“For me design is about seeing the context, discovering the stakes, be they cultural, ecological, economic…, and finding a simple solution that makes a creative synthesis of the stakes.”


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