Play & Burne Candle Holder Set

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

A testimony to design brilliance of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Play & Burn candle holders are quite possibly the most engaging and playful candle holders in existence. The idea behind this product was to connect buyers with designers, craftsman and materials and to add a touch of warmth and light to one’s home. The play begins after opening the box and discovering the hand-carved wooden pieces, which need to be put together to create a candle holder to one’s own liking. The fun begins as soon as one touches the tactile wooden modules with the imprints of the craftsman’s skillful hands and it continues as one tries to decide on the order of modules in a thread, basically designing a candle holder to own liking. The design, of course, can be changed whenever
one feels like it. A small candle holder consists of five modules in maple wood, three of which are hand-carved, a base, rod and top plate all in bromine coated steel. The large candle holder includes a double set of wooden modules and two metal rods. The intention is to start offering a variety of different modules at a later stage, which people could buy to change the design and enlarge their Play & Burn candle holder.


Ø 9.5 H 28.5 cm; Ø 9.5 H 50 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

Disclaimer: The colors of different wood species and other materials shown on this website may not be identical to the colors of these materials on actual products, as actual colors cannot be always reproduced in digital form and also because colors of wood naturally differ from one piece to another.