Eclipse Wall Mirror

Monica Förster

These mirrors are the kind of functional objects that one would want to acquire more for their artistic appeal than the intended function. In other words, the beauty of these mirrors does not depend on what they reflect. The mirror is fixed to a rounded plate, which sits on top and “eclipses” a larger bottom plate. The surface of the bottom plates is hand carved by Zanat master carvers based on adorable abstract drawings signed by Monica Förster. The mirrors come in three different sizes and shapes, allowing one to create numerous artistic installations with different combinations of mirrors on the wall.


W 45.5 D 31 H 7.5 cm; W 42 D 25.5 H 6 cm; W 34.5 D 33 H 6.5 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

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